Hosting Services

CloudLink is able to provide a comprehensive range of advanced hosting services to address your diverse technical needs. Whether you are seeking a platform to host your domain name, website, manage email accounts, store video surveillance footage securely, deploy virtual private servers, or simply manage a centralized file repository, you can trust our expertise to deliver a seamless experience with 24/7 network monitoring.

With our virtual private servers, you can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server environment without the costs of full hardware ownership. We offer a wide selection of VPS plans, each equipped with powerful processing capabilities, ample RAM, and scalable storage options. Additionally, our VPS hosting includes full root access, allowing you to customize and optimize the server environment according to your specific requirements.

To support your data-intensive applications and ensure smooth data transfer, we offer unlimited domestic and international bandwidth. This allows you to handle high traffic volumes and enables seamless access for users around the globe. To maintain a fair and equitable distribution of resources, we implement a fair use policy that ensures optimal performance for all our clients. For clients with more specialized networking requirements, we provide the option of dedicated VLANs with public IP subnets. This enables you to create isolated and secure network segments tailored to your specific applications.